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An Australian boutique travel and Public Relations agency specialising in travel + lifestyle brands and services 
for Australian travellers

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‘What work I have done, I have done because it is play’  MARK TWAIN


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Petite Pr is a travel booking service and a travel PR agency.

Offering specialty accommodations in Paris and France, to Australian travellers with two nationally recognised websites: ‘Petite Paris’ and ‘L’Apartment’.

Offering 10 years experience in the public relations media industry to travel and lifestyle brands and services after a fresh publicity approach to heighten their image and grow.

We use insider knowledge, consumer understanding and todays mainstream media outlets to ensure brands, products and services we represent are at the forefront of their relevant media and consumer market.

We gain publicity in print publications via press release writing and online via social networking to help our brands reach the eyes and ears of their audience and grow.

We think ‘BIG’ but like to remain ‘Petite’ to ensure intensive, focused service and powerful results. We devise strategic tailored publicity campaigns giving the media and public what they want, when they want it and how they want it.

As PR professionals we are committed to our clients, assuring creativity, personalised service and passion.

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